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August 9, 2022 in banking

How to open a business bank account – and how to use one.

How to open a business bank account - and how to use one. What is a Business Account? Owners of businesses or sole sole traders utilise a business account to…
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July 26, 2022 in finances

Starter guide to Investing

Starter Guide to Investing Investing is about putting your money to work, personally beating inflation and hopefully, earning some additional returns. Investors attempt to make their money grow more effectively…
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July 20, 2022 in Business Advice

The Difference between a Sole Trader and a Limited Company

The Difference between a Sole Trader and a Limited Company Between sole traders and limited companies, there are a variety of characteristics, including taxes and financial security. But have you…
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July 14, 2022 in General

The Pros and Cons of Remote Working

Pros and Cons of Remote Working Many businesses across the world are planning to go entirely remote in an attempt to provide their employees a better work-life balance and cut…
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July 5, 2022 in Business Advice

how to reduce your business energy bills

How to reduce your business energy bills There are several methods to save power in a workplace, and some of them only require minor adjustments in employee conduct. Frequently, just…
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June 21, 2022 in tax

Checking my Tax Code

Checking my Tax Code Tax codes are essential to the PAYE system's functionality. The tax code indicates an employee's allowances or 'tax-free pay', if the code is a K-code, or…
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June 20, 2022 in Business Advice

Becoming a Contractor in 2022

Becoming a Contractor in 2022 It's reasonable to assume that if you're reading this, you're either thinking about becoming a contractor or have already taken the plunge. In either regard,…
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June 14, 2022 in Business Advice

Setting up a Limited Company

Setting up a Limited Company Being a business owner, you may hope to understand more about the limited company legislation. A limited company's legal status is differentiated from that of…
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June 11, 2022 in Business Advice

Is it worth trademarking your business?

Trademark registration has numerous advantages that should not be disregarded. If you’re starting a limited company, trademarking can help you to protect your brand and name, giving you peace of…
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June 3, 2022 in accounting

Accountants For Amazon Sellers

You don’t have to be a massive company to sell products on Amazon or even other popular marketplaces, such as Etsy or eBay. Selling on Amazon is easy and has…
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May 27, 2022 in Business Advice

Small Business Grants 2022

Are you searching for UK business grants to help grow your business? Our helpful guide on small business grants will help you find the right grant for your business. This…
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May 19, 2022 in Business Advice

Could Your Business Survive Without You?

If you suddenly stepped away from your business, what would that look like over any given window of time? Would things continue to operate independently in the short term, with…
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May 11, 2022 in payroll

How PAYE Works – and What it Actually Is

If you employ staff in your business then you’re probably aware of pay-as-you-earn (PAYE) in general - but what actually is it? Here we explain just how PAYE works. Any…
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May 5, 2022 in banking, Business Advice, finances

Having a Business Bank Account – What are the Benefits?

For any business, it’s good practice to keep personal finances separate from cash that’s been generated by the business itself. One of the simplest and most effective ways to do…
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April 28, 2022 in Business Advice

Business Insurance – Which One is Right For You?

Operating any kind of business will always involve a certain element of risk. Whether it’s the safety of your employees or visitors, the equipment in your office, the security of…
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April 22, 2022 in General

12 Tips to Help You Manage with the Rising Cost of Living

These days it seems that everywhere we look, the rising cost of living is affecting a new part of our everyday lives. Increasing fuel costs, energy bills and even shopping…
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April 13, 2022 in hmrc, tax

HMRC’s New Late Tax Payment Penalty Regime is Coming – Here’s How You Can Prepare

Many businesses can find it a struggle when it comes to paying tax bills on time. This can be particularly stressful for business owners when the threat of penalty for…
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April 7, 2022 in accounting, bookkeeping, Business Advice

Bookkeeping Basics – Tips for the Small Business

Even with today’s technology that allows us to do most things digitally (using online applications or web based accounting software services), many small business owners still struggle with their bookkeeping…
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March 31, 2022 in accounting, Business Advice

Increasing Business Costs in 2022 – and How You Can Manage the Change

As we get further into 2022 and with the second quarter fast approaching, we’re seeing more and more evidence that business costs are trending upwards - are are likely to…
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March 24, 2022 in accounting, Business Advice, hmrc, News, tax

Spring Budget 2022

The Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, delivered his Spring Statement on 23 March. Faced with the task of creating a ‘strong economy’ for the UK, against the challenging background of high inflation,…
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March 24, 2022 in accounting, Business Advice, tax, vat

Making Tax Digital: Getting Ready for the HMRC Extension

The effective management of the UK’s tax system is a huge undertaking, and as such comes with many challenges. This is particularly true when we consider the sheer scale of…
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March 17, 2022 in Business Advice, payroll

Statutory Payments: An Employer’s Guide

As an employer, you have a legal responsibility to pay your employees during a leave of absence. Your employee might be ill, and in need of Statutory Sick Pay, or…
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March 10, 2022 in Business Advice, funding

Funding A Startup Business

Great businesses start with a great idea. But when it comes to funding a startup business, it helps to be aware of all the financial support options that might be…
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March 2, 2022 in accounting, Business Advice, tax

Late Tax Payments – How HMRC Can Charge You Interest & Penalties, and What You Can Do About It

Did you know that HMRC can charge interest on late tax payments, and even incur penalties if tax deadlines aren’t met? You should also be aware that as of February…
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February 25, 2022 in News

Statutory Sick Pay Rebate Scheme closing 17 March 2022

You have until 24th March 2022 to submit any new claims for absence periods up to 17th March or to amend claims. You will no longer be able to claim…
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February 21, 2022 in News

Hospitality sector – Omicron support deadline fast approaching

Don't forget that if your business is in the hospitality sector and has been adversely affected by the Omicron variant you are able to apply for a grant of up…
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February 9, 2022 in General

Time is money – make the most of 2022 by cutting waste and simplifying your operations!

Are you familiar with the ancient Japanese philosophy of ‘Kaizen’? Kaizen is the principle of continuous improvement that can make a huge difference to the efficiency of any company and…
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February 2, 2022 in Business Advice

Are Your New Business Finances in Order? Here’s How to Make Sure

Do you know your P&L from your balance sheet? If not, we’ll get your startup up to speed on all the basics of company accounting. #businessadvice #startup
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February 2, 2022 in General

Have you got a healthy work-life balance? Here’s why you should!

Lockdowns have changed our priorities and work-life balance is more important than ever. It’s extra-tough if you’re a business owner who works long hours – so how can you reclaim…
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January 31, 2022 in Business Advice

Employee Parties – What are the rules, and are they tax-free?

Not sure if your annual staff function is tax-deductible? Come and talk to us. We’ll explain the rules and can help you claim against your company party costs. #expenses #staffparties
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January 28, 2022 in News

Quick Tips: What counts as a ‘trivial gift’?

Did you know you can give ‘trivial gifts’ to your employees without any tax consequences? But what counts as trivial when it comes to gifts? We explain the rules. #gifting…
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January 26, 2022 in News

Postponing VAT on imports – what are the rules?

Since January 2021, UK importers have been able to make use of the ‘postponed VAT accounting’ scheme. But what is postponed VAT? We explain the new VAT system and the…
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January 24, 2022 in News

E-invoicing: how it can protect you against invoice fraud

Is your business using e-invoicing? It’s a fantastic way to protect yourself and your customers from invoice scams, and it can help you get paid faster. E-invoices replace emailed PDF…
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